Functional Grammar activity – to practise making, accepting and refusing offers



Elicit as many different types of ticket as the students can think of, including different kinds of show, sporting events and travel etc.

Ask the students to stand in A and B pairs.  Say ‘each A student has a ticket for something special next week. Unfortunately something has happened and they can’t use the ticket.  So A decides to offer the ticket to B. A should explain to B what the ticket is all about.  B wants to use the ticket but should explain politely to A why he/she can’t’

When they have finished, ask the Bs to stay where they are, while each A goes to another B and offers the same ticket as before.  This time B could use the ticket, but needs to explain politely why they don’t want to.

Ask each A to go to another B, who is delighted to accept the offer of the ticket.

Tell the B students that they have used the ticket, but that there was a problem.  They meet A, who asks them all about what happened.