Adjectives + Prepositions


Some adjectives go with certain prepositions.  There is no real pattern – ss just need to be aware of how they collocate.  Here are some but there are many more.

  • With ‘at’
  • I’m quite good at English but I’m bad at maths and I’m terrible at physics.
  • With ‘for’
  • Jogging is good for your health but smoking is bad for you.
  • Cheddar its famous for its cheese.

As well as ‘good for’ and ‘bad for’ and ‘famous for’ we also say ‘qualified for’, ‘ready for’, ‘responsible for’, ‘suitable for’ and more.

  • With ‘of’
  • I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself thank you.
  • I’m very fond of this old sweatshirt.

As well as ‘capable of’ and ‘fond of’ we also say ‘aware of’, ‘full of’, ‘tired of’ and several others.

  • With ‘with’
  • We’re very pleased with your progress
  • You’re not still angry with me are you?

As well as ‘pleased with’ and ‘angry with’ we also say ‘bored with’, ‘delighted with’, ‘satisfied with’ and others.

Other common ‘adjective + preposition’ combinations include ‘interested in’ and ‘keen on’.  It’s a good idea to point out these out to students and perhaps an even better idea to teach them as lexical sets or ‘chunks”?