Second Conditional

Expresses a hypothetical future.  Not likely to happen, unreal possibility.
If + past + would/wouldn’t + inf
If I saw him I wouldn’t speak to him.
I wouldn’t speak to him if i saw him.
Sometimes, we use should, could or might instead of would, for example: If I won a million dollars, I could stop working.
A good way to practise the Second Conditional in an authentic way using random pictures taken from magazine articles or ads.
Skill: speaking
Material needed: random pictures taken from magazines (people, situations, places)
Instructions: Write on the board: “What would you do if you were there? What would you do if you were him/her/them?” Then, explain that students are going to work in pairs and answer the questions based on the pictures that they are going to see . Display the pictures around the classroom and ask students to rotate as they discuss each picture. Encourage them to support their answers with reasons and detailed explanations.